The Kansas City Podcast is a weekly interview show hosted by Cole Lindbergh. After seeing the success of The Atlanta Podcast, and with the blessing of Cole's friend Matt B. Davis, he decided to take the idea of a local city-based podcast and run with it.

Each week on The Kansas City Podcast Cole is joined by a one-of-a-kind Kansas City native for a conversation on life in The City of Fountains. With a new episode every Monday (plus bonus episodes from time to time), there is no way of knowing who will turn up next for an interview. With plenty of laughs, plus wide ranging and engaging topics, The Kansas City Podcast is not to be missed.

Kansas City Podcast_Cole


Born and raised in the Kansas City area, Cole Lindbergh is a busy man. So busy, it took him four years to launch a podcast. Some may recognize Cole from his work at Worlds of Fun (watch here), or his interview on This American Life with Ira Glass (listen here), or maybe you may have seen Cole speak at a local event (click here). 

To learn more about Cole check out his WEBSITE.