038 - Coleen Shaw-Voeks & Phys Ed KC
 Photo: Mile 90 Photogray

Photo: Mile 90 Photogray

Put on your workout pants and bring some water because today's show is getting physical at Phys Ed KC with owner, instructor, and coach Coleen Shaw-Voeks. Surrounded by implements of fitness and big bouncy balls, Coleen breaks down what it takes to train for an ultramarathon, how KC ranks as a running city, Team Sparkle Productions, and how you should never go out like an a-hole. Plus, the KC Quiz and Cole's horrible Australian accent make this an episode best listened to while going for a run!

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037 - Rudi Womack, Aleksander Ristic, & In This Gray Place

With the Kansas City FilmFest in full swing, Director Rudi Womack and Actor Aleksander Ristic sit down with Cole the day before the World Premiere of their new film In This Gray Place to discuss indie film, movie trailers, the physicality of acting, their first bite of KC BBQ, Los Angeles traffic, and hypothermia.

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036 - Romance & Suspense with Author Erin Thornton

On today's show, romance author Erin Thornton joins Cole in the world's loudest Starbucks to discuss the ins and outs of being an independent author, her current work on the Dangerous Series and Disaster in Love, the effect the recently passed FOSTA bill is having on romance authors, pseudonyms, and self publishing. Plus, a brand new game takes a look at the strangest romance subgenres, like mermaid romance?!?!

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035 - Dude, Let's Talk Food with Kasim J. Hardaway

Are you ready for an entire episode about local food? If yes, then listen in as local food guru and influencer Kasim J. Hardaway joins the show to talk about his new marketing gig, his favorite places to go eat, lists upon lists of local restaurants, and an entire second half of the show full of food descriptions. Chances are good this episode will make you hungry.
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034 - Streetcar Talk with David Johnson

This week it's all about transportation as streetcar advocate David Johnson joins the show. From the initial plans to first rides, David gives some insight into the long journey (pun not intended) on how the streetcar came to fruition, future KC public transportation, autonomous vehicles, streetcar expansion, and the KC Quiz. It's a show full of great info and a little bit of transportainment (pun intended). 
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033 - Epic Taco the Town Crossover Pod

It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for, Part Two of the EPIC CROSSOVER POD with Taco the Town. After Cole’s stop on last week’s Taco the Town, W. David Keith and Chris Garibaldi join the show to talk about the fastest growing taco podcast in Kansas City, old malls like Metcalf South and Metro North, Lotuspool Records, tacos, making movies, more tacos, and David Lee Roth for some reason.

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031 - Chef Jeremiah D. Lyman's Recipes

On today’s episode, Jeremiah D. Lyman, Sous Chef at Reserve Restaurant & Lounge inside the Ambassador Hotel stops by and cooks up some delicious food while speaking about his love of local ingredients, go to meal peanut butter and jelly, his new podcast Seed to Story, and sauce line Jeremiah’s Recipe. Plus, Cole’s random questions about cooking shows and the KC Quiz.

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