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050 - One Year Happy Birthday Celebration

Can you believe it’s been one year of the Kansas City Podcast? Join us on today’s special 50th episode, a One Year Happy Birthday Celebration. Birthday wishes a plenty as past guests like Cam F Awesome, Dave and Chris from Taco the Town, Annie Harrigan, Brandon Patrick, Kasim Hardaway, Angie Gensler, Eric Melin, and many more sending in some gifts. Plus, no celebration is complete without family in the house, as Cole’s wife Maria helps open presents, eat some cake, talks about her business Stay at Home Solutions, and then takes control of the KC Quiz and rebrands it in her image. Happy Birthday to The Kansas City Podcast!

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033 - Epic Taco the Town Crossover Pod

It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for, Part Two of the EPIC CROSSOVER POD with Taco the Town. After Cole’s stop on last week’s Taco the Town, W. David Keith and Chris Garibaldi join the show to talk about the fastest growing taco podcast in Kansas City, old malls like Metcalf South and Metro North, Lotuspool Records, tacos, making movies, more tacos, and David Lee Roth for some reason.

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