049 - Coffee Kansas City with David Horn

Fill your mug with steaming hot coffee, sit back, take a sip and relax while listening to today’s episode with David Horn from Coffee Kansas City. It’s an enlightening tale, as David first experiences the different types of coffee Kansas City has to offer, and sets out on a quest to visit all the coffee shops throughout KC.

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048 - Grabbing The Bull by the Balls with Angie Gensler

This week is all about taking life into your own hands with blogger and entrepreneur, Angie Gensler. You won’t believe Angie’s story of ups and downs as she decides to leave her high paying corporate job and head out on her own as business consultant. Plus, the KC Quiz, some blogging tips, and a wild night in New York City.

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047 - Montessori Education with Garrett Holt

Listen closely and you may hear a goat chime in during today’s interview at Clay-Platte Montessori School with Garrett Holt. After twenty years in the amusement park industry, and now with a year under his belt as farm school teacher, Garrett enlightens Cole on the world of Montessori education, his passion for teaching, a recap on his decades of experience as a caricature artist, and his one-of-a-kind Kansas City based digital caricature company Brilliant Art Studios. Plus, while chickens cluck in the background, Cole and Garrett reminisce about their days at Worlds of Fun.

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046 - Mark Luce & The Plains

On today’s episode, man about town Mark Luce joins to discuss a variety of topics including his most recent project “The Plains: Photographs & Words,” carnivals, small towns in central Kansas, postcards, and wondering off the beaten path to take photos. Plus, Mark offers up some A+ answers on the KC Quiz, and Cole reminisces about his recent air guitar competition.
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045 - The Rap Inspirations & Aspirations of D'Angelo Hicks

On today’s episode, local rapper D’Angelo Hicks, better known as DLO, joins the show to discuss his very personal inspiration for writing music, Kansas City music video locations, mumble rap, his three biggest influences, and his upcoming EP release in September. Plus, Cole looks up his rapper name on the online generator.

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044 - The Sculptures & Writings of Guinotte Wise

On today’s episode, Cole sits down for a nice Memorial Day chat with writer and sculptor Guinotte Wise. Fresh off the release of his new book of poems Horses See Ghosts, Guinotte discusses his early days of tinkering, Kansas City’s creative energy, copywriting in Los Angeles, and folk art. Plus an owl and a hawk stop by, and Cole proclaims his love for Antiques Roadshow. It’s a great episode that will leave you saying, “That’s very interesting.”

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043 - Pop-Up Weddings with Kate Morris & Just Say I Do

The future of weddings has arrived, and this week we have all the details with Kate Morris, the Event Director of Just Say I Do. With pop-up events on the rise, Kate breaks down how Just Say I Do is revolutionizing weddings and vow renewals in Kansas City all for an unbeatable price. Plus, the KC Quiz, and Cole reminisces about his own wedding. Love is in the podcast air.

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042 - Phil Avery & Swim Sessions

On today’s episode, local rapper Phil Avery stops by to talk his recent EP Swim Sessions, keeping the best tracks in the vault, good production, having a song for every occasion, the Kansas City hip hop scene, writing from the heart, and riding the wave. Plus, Phil tries to convert Cole into becoming an anime fan.

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